"In May 2018, our payroll company, Paylocity, dropped us when they found out we were in the cannabis industry. I had to scramble to decide what we were going to do as Paylocity gave us 30 days before they deactivated our contract." - Stacey, Director of Human Resources at Green Dragon.

We hear this message often. A number of cannabis companies have come to Wurk after being suddenly dropped by organizations like ADP, Ultimate, Bamboo HR, and Paylocity due to the industry from which we operate.

Avoid the uncertainty of partnering with a big-box, mainstream payroll provider that will leave your cannabis business vulnerable. Wurk is transparent with our banking and financial partners about the industry we serve, unlike mainstream HCM providers.

Plus, we understand the unique challenges you face, including 280E tax law management, marijuana enforcement agency compliance, and engaging a mostly hourly workforce.

Our cannabis software, combined with personalized support and HR services from a team who knows your cannabis business inside and out, will ensure you are managing your workforce at the highest level while avoiding compliance pitfalls.

We're proud to support all verticals of the cannabis industry to ensure businesses can comply and thrive in evolving regulatory markets. And we know that your people are your most important asset, so we'll give you the tools you need to protect what matters most.

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