As experienced CPAs who have managed multiple audits of cannabis businesses, Bridge West CPAs and Advisors will discuss what the IRS is allowing for labor deductions and best practices related to reporting.

Discover how Wurk can enable you to capture specific employee tasks, such as non-deductible budtending and deductible trimming, to provide your business with detailed insights.

Download presentation slides here.

About the presenters:
Jim Marty is the Chief Executive Officer of Bridge West LLC. Jim is a pioneer and a leader in the cannabis industry and is a nationally recognized and renowned expert on marijuana tax, accounting, and banking issues. Jim has been featured on Fox Business News, CNBC, and numerous other nation-wide media outlets. In 2012, Jim founded Bridge West LLC, the first accounting firm in the world to focus solely on the cannabis industry. Since 2009, Jim’s practice has grown to more than 200 cannabis clients, and he has consulted in more than a dozen of medical marijuana IRS audits. He continues to be a spokesman and endorser of the cannabis industry through his highly attended marijuana education business presentations.

Cory Parnell has over 25 years of experience working with business owners and senior management in developing strategic business plans, dealing with complex tax and accounting issues, assisting in the implementation of "best practices," and increasing shareholder value. He has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2014, and is Chief Operating Officer of Bridge West.

He also advises cannabis clients through challenging business and regulatory environments, Cory's technical and advisory services range from minimizing the effects of IRS tax code 280E, inventory management, inventory costing, cash management, and preparing financial statements. ')}

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