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the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES)you may be eligible for any one of five employer tax exemptions, tax payment deferrals, and tax deposit reductions to help ease the financial burden in these unprecedented times. 

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Watch our webinar to understand:
  • Key payroll tax features and benefits for your business through the FFCRA and CARES Acts 
  • How Wurk can assist you in taking advantage of these offerings 
  • What your business is responsible for* 

*Some businesses may not be eligible for some or all of these benefits 


Wurk is actively providing payroll tax support to clients that are affected by the new coronavirus related programs in place, including FFCRA and the CARES Act. While Wurk cannot offer legal counsel or tax advice on how to manage these changes, Wurk is actively partnering with technology, payroll and tax providers to ensure the system can meet the new requirements. Wurk will continue to communicate system changes and new resources as they are available. 


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Recorded: Wednesday April 8th | 10AM

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Meet The Presenter

Martin Howell Headshot

Martin Howell, SVP of Operations, Wurk

Martin Howell has over 20 years experience in Human Capital Management and a proven track record of creative problem-solving in payroll and tax. As SVP of Operations at Wurk, the cannabis industry’s largest provider of SaaS HCM solutions, Martin oversees compliance, banking, tax, and billing operations with an emphasis on accurate data management and outstanding customer experience.