Source: Cannabis Magazine, Staff

Wurk's founder and CEO sat down with Cannabis Magazine to discuss our mission to make payroll and HR easier in the cannabis industry. Wurk now supports cannabis companies in all legal markets and looks forward to fostering compliant growth in all legal markets as they open up and continue to develop.

In his interview, Keegan discusses the inspiration for Wurk, what problems we aim to solve and how we've been building solutions catered to the cannabis industry since 2015.




How did the idea for Wurk come about? 

Keegan: I founded Würk in 2015 after learning my friend’s legal cannabis business was dropped six times by mainstream payroll providers...

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What specific issues do you see cannabis companies encounter more than companies in other industries? Have you seen any issues specific to the cannabis industry be remedied?

Keegan: The legalization movement has considerably advanced the regulated industry, but we are still seeing fully compliant companies being dropped by their payroll providers with little notice and overpaying taxes or even losing their licenses due to complicated tax laws...

Read the full interview here.


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