Wurk's founder and CEO, Keegan Peterson was featured in today's MJBizDaily article about how cannabis employers are responding to the COVID-19 outbreak and what it means for their workforce.

Source: MJBizDaily,  Margaret Jackson

Marijuana businesses navigating staffing issues during the COVID-19 outbreak are taking different tacks as they strive to keep employees and customers healthy and safe – while keeping close tabs on their companies’ bottom lines.

Some businesses are seeing a spike in sales, but others are concerned about the economic and financial fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

Strategies different cannabis companies are using or considering include:
  • Ramping up hiring to ensure existing employees aren’t overloaded or forced to come to work when they’re sick.
  • Furloughs, layoffs, terminations or a combination to conserve cash.
  • Adjusting store hours and shifts.

Read full article here.

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