The time is almost here to submit your applications for Missouri cannabis licenses. At Wurk, our goal is to provide resources and expertise to help all cannabis businesses, big and small, remain compliant and successful when managing a growing workforce. In Missouri, we want to help by providing insight about the Missouri cannabis application process and by offering a template Letter of Intent for Payroll and HR Technology Services free to download to include in your application.

How to Apply for a Cannabis License in Missouri

When: Opens August 3rd  |  Closes August 17th

Where: Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services (learn more here)

Minimum Requirements: No felonies in your criminal record, Majority owner must be a long time Missouri resident

Cost to apply: $5,000-$10,000 depending on license type (learn more here).

Preferred browser for working on/submitting your application: Google Chrome

Maximum file sizes: 10MB

Main Application Categories

1. Character and Experience of the applicants/owners/managers (questions 1-13)

In this category, you’ll need to provide details on each of your owners and/or managers. This must include at least two letters of recommendation for each applicant, previous professional experience, and tax and criminal history. Remember, if any team member has a disqualifying felony on their record, you will not be considered for a Missouri Cannabis License.

2. Business plan (questions 14-53)

Your business plan will vary depending on your place in the Cannabis vertical. Regardless, in this section you will need to provide sources and proof of adequate capitalization/funding. In addition, you will need to provide a coherent strategy for topics including insurance, employee management, supply chain management and cost strategy.

Referring to employee management, there are roughly 12 questions dictating proof that you plan on being a compliant employer in the complex regulatory climate of legal Cannabis. We want to help ensure your application proves your readiness and willingness to be a compliant Missouri Cannabis employer. Download our letter of intent to strengthen your application today!

3. Site security (questions 54-63)

In this section, you will need to provide a detailed security plan, and show proof that you will work to not only meet minimum requirements but exceed them when it comes to ensuring a safe and compliant cannabis location. A leading Point of Sale (POS) partner, Cova wrote a great piece to help Missouri cannabis applicants navigate site security and other critical areas.

From a workforce management and HR perspective, it is important to begin early planning to develop a compliant and thorough employee handbook where you cover and include policies like workforce security/safety, ID badges for employees, etc. To learn more about handbooks and workforce compliance, click here.

4. Previous Legal Cannabis Experience (question 64)

In this section, you’ll be providing details about each applicants’ experience in the legal Cannabis industry. If you don't have any previous experience in the industry, don't worry; that's why it's so important to form partnerships with industry leaders like Wurk. This will show that you're serious about best-practices and cannabis compliance.

5. Positive Community Impact (question 65-67)

One of the most important areas of focus in the emerging cannabis industry is the prospect of enhancing our community and creating a culture of diversity and inclusion. This section provides you the opportunity to share your plan for creating a positive impact on your community. This will include your hiring plan, wage plan and scheduling strategy. To learn more about hiring and on-boarding, read here.

6. Maintaining competitiveness in marijuana for medical use marketplace (question 68)

This section allows you to speak to your strategy for staying competitive in the constantly evolving and growing cannabis industry. Here, you need to prove you will be an adaptive, creative, and compliant participant in the Missouri Medical Cannabis industry.

A great strategy for any new cannabis business or entrepreneur is to align with, and join great organizations like the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). NCIA is the leader in advocating for a responsible and thriving cannabis industry. To learn more about NCIA, check them out here.

7. Vertical-specific

There are a number of vertical specific questions that you'll want to be sure to prepare for. For more information, please check out the official Missouri cannabis application questions and scoring document here.

Partner with Wurk - Free Letter of Intent

Legitimize your cannabis Human Capital Management and payroll strategy

After speaking with numerous Missouri cannabis consultants, we understand the importance of establishing partnerships with market leaders like Wurk as you apply for your Missouri Cannabis license. By downloading our Letter of Intent and including it in your application (we recommend adding it to one of your upload documents like your business plan) you will improve your chances of being accepted and align yourself with the market leader in cannabis payroll and HR compliance.

Wurk was designed and built to facilitate the healthy and compliant growth of the Cannabis industry. We take the stress out of applicant tracking, on-boarding, payroll, benefits, scheduling/timekeeping and much more. Our cannabis software, combined with personalized support and HR services will ensure you are managing your workforce like other best-in-class organizations while avoiding compliance pitfalls, some of which specific to Missouri.

We're proud to support all verticals of the cannabis industry to ensure businesses can comply and thrive in this rapidly evolving regulatory market. And we know that your people are your most important asset, so we'll give you the tools you need to protect what matters most.

Strengthen your Missouri Cannabis Application Today

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Download your letter of intent (LOI)
Get your free Letter of Intent word document on the following page to get started!
2. Personalize your LOI

We know time is of the essence so we created an easy fill-in-the-blank style letter for you to customize to your individual application.

3. Attach your LOI
We recommend converting your finished LOI to a PDF and attaching it to your business plan, wherever you feel it best fits withing your application. 
4. Upload your documents

Keep in mind that it is perfectly fine to create a ZIP file upon uploading.

5. Submit your applications

Congrats! Now it's time to trust your application and the strategic vision you have for a compliant and successful cannabis business in Missouri!

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