SOURCE: MG Magazine, Danny Reed

We all know organization is key to success, but this bit of wisdom is easier to say than to follow at times. With the demand of travel, impromptu meetings, and the fact that we work in an industry where drastic legal, political, and regulatory changes can easily disrupt daily operations, staying organized is critical to being successful in cannabis. Dedicating time toward organization is the kind of investment that almost always pays huge dividends. We spoke with Keegan Peterson, chief executive officer and founder at Würk and Socrates Rosenfeld, chief executive officer and co-founder at Jane Technologies to find out how they keep their affairs in order.

The number of project management software options on the market is increasing with regularity. Peterson uses several to stay organized, a luxury he probably was not always afforded since he got his start before what seems to be the golden age of project management assistance. Peterson spent almost a decade working for high-tech human resources companies before founding Würk and now employs digital tools to help run his business.

“I rely on Trello, a web-based platform to manage projects and tasks across departments,” Peterson told mg. “When it comes to investor relations and communications, I have found FounderSuite, a collection of tools and templates for startup CEOs, to be particularly effective at organizing my ideas and goals. Würk also uses Microsoft Teams for efficient cross-department communication.”


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