Wurk's founder and CEO, Keegan Peterson, authored an article in MG Magazine about the importance of keeping cannabis employees engaged as workforces continue to operate remotely during the pandemic.

Source: MG Magazine

As COVID-19 cases resurge, it appears remote work is here to stay. While this has been a difficult time for both employers and workers, business objectives still need to be met. Beyond simply surviving as the months drag on, it is crucial managers find socially distant ways to keep their employees thriving and on a path to personal and professional success.

This is particularly important for cannabis companies. We are navigating a developing industry, and some companies have workforces spread across multiple states or are adding employees during the pandemic.

How do you keep employees focused and engaged from a distance? The key lies in creating multiple communication channels. Because everyone communicates differently, developing multiple ways to interact will ensure managers are collaborating effectively with all members of their team. Having multiple channels also addresses the communication disconnects that can cause confusion about how or why goals were not achieved.

Read the full article here. 

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