We see it every year - mainstream payroll providers promise to support new and growing cannabis businesses and then drop them out of nowhere with very little warning or time to find a new provider. We hope this doesn't happen to you, but dozens of our clients have rushed into a partnership with one of these providers (ADP, Paychex, BambooHR, etc.) and been blindsided months later. We've supported many clients through their sudden need to implement Wurk's cannabis-specific platform in a very short amount of time.

While we hope you choose Wurk from the beginning, if you've been with a mainstream provider, we encourage you to read the checklist we've provided for when your provider drops your cannabis business.

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1. Identify Cannabis-Specific Payroll Providers

The average cannabis company will be dropped more than twice in their lifespan by mainstream payroll providers like ADP, Paychex, BambooHR and others. Make sure you choose a cannabis-specific payroll provider that understands all human capital management needs unique to cannabis. Wurk was designed and built to offer you the all-in-one HCM solution for cannabis.


2. Gather Your Key Company Documents

+ All EIN (tax ID) information (many cannabis companies will have multiple EINs).

+  All required business licenses (may vary by state). View our payroll tax resources page for information regarding your state's licensing requirements.

+ All required cannabis-specific licenses (in addition to standard business licenses).

+ A void check from each bank account.


3. Organize Your Employee Data

In order to ensure a swift implementation with your next payroll provider, and ensure compliance, it's important to have all your employee data organized in one place. As this process can take time, Wurk provides a free template during implementation for you to easily organize everything. 


4. Ask The Right Questions of Your Potential Payroll Partner

+ Do your banking partners fully support cannabis?

+ How long have you been supporting the cannabis industry?

+ Who are your top cannabis clients and how long have they been with you?

+ Do you support single sign-on across multiple EINs/locations?

+ How do you ensure compliance for your cannabis clients?

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