Whether you’re unhappy with your current payroll technology, worried they may drop your cannabis business or you’re ready to upgrade your process, we encourage you to begin the transition to Wurk now to avoid the end-of-year, last minute anxieties.

Automate the most complicated and risk-prone processes associated with recruiting, scheduling, and paying employees in the cannabis industry with Wurk’s all-in-one platform. Create repeatable onboarding processes, easy benefits administration, and accurate employee records with the confidence of knowing that state and federal compliance requirements have been fulfilled, such as ACA, FLSA, and FMLA. Streamline payroll management, direct deposits, reporting and tax filing to maximize 280E deductions.

“This solution provides a guaranteed audit trail which is crucial for a cannabis startup. Wurk is great at responding and evolving to the needs of the industry by bringing best practices in compliance risk management.” – Will Vial, Dir of Business Analytics at Solstice

Transitioning your payroll to Wurk is easy with the support of our knowledgeable team. We’re currently scheduling implementation sessions for September and October. Give us a call today to book with our team. ')}

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