Free HR & Cannabis Friendly 2022 Calendar

2022 Calendar Mock copy

Wurk has partnered with several cannabis-friendly artists to create this 2022 HR & Payroll Calendar for cannabis businesses. Fill out the form to download and print this free calendar for your cannabis operation that includes important dates and special occasions like:

  • Key IRS reporting deadlines
  • Federal, bank, cannabis, and Wurk holidays
  • Administrative Professionals Day, Employee Appreciation Day, PTSD Awareness Day, National CBD Day, etc
  • Mental Health Awareness Month, Pride Month, National Hemp Month, etc

Complete the form to receive your 8.5'' x 11'' calendar download that you can print out and hang on your wall.

Featured Artwork:
Frances Davis is currently getting high and making art as creative director and photographer in Portland, Oregon. 
High Smileson is a cannabis-friendly artist and designer with more than a decade of professional design experience and more than three decades of creative experience in various forms of art.
Dustin Kalynuk is a freelance artist and designer based in Kelowna, BC, Canada, whose work is an exploration of by-gone aesthetics, spiritual themes, and generally elevated experimentation. 
Mariano Peccinetti is a visual artist and musician based in Mendoza, Argentina, who creates surreal, dream-like collage landscapes.